Monday, February 19, 2007

beautiful, globular cheese

It's been far too long and I've got some time to make up for post-wise. This winter M and I discovered the mexican beauty that is El Gallito. This place knows how to serve up mexican food the way I'm used to it, covered in piles of gooey, globular cheese and chile sauce. NYC was always sadly lacking good mexican food like this, instead all you could find was more traditionally coastal dishes heavy on the cilantro and skimpy on the fat. Where I come from, mexican food is a staple, and it's terrible for you, but I grew up on it and I love it nonetheless. El Gallito serves up hearty dishes of cheese-smothered green chile goodness, plain and simple. The chile rellenos were spicy and swimming in cheddar, and the chimichanga comes with your choice of meat and is about the size of your head. I forgot the camera that time, but remembered to snatch a shot before devouring a plateful of chorizo scramble.

The chorizo was a little dry, but full of flavor. Personally I'll be ordering the huevos next time instead of poaching M's, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad at all.

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