Monday, January 1, 2007

Invest in the chowder

The perfect in-between a 10k jaunt on the nordic trails of Snoqualmie and an evening carousing with friends. We earned our breadbowls yesterday, and they were exactly what I wanted. This is the dungeness crab and bourbon corn chowder at Duke's Chowder House. Normally I abhor these types of places that are just two shakes of a lamb's tail away from TGI Fridays or something similarly nauseating. But when it comes to good chowder, I'm willing to put my blinders on whilst I snarf the delicious chow. This bowl was everything good chowder should be, thick and savory while letting the flavor of the fresh crab come sailing through. The bourbon wasn't overwhelming but added a little kick, and the sourdough bread bowl was excellent as well, nice and tangy with a warm, crispy crust. I wouldn't bother with the overpriced entrees at Duke's, there are plenty of other worthwhile fish places for that end of things, but absolutely invest in the chowder, it's totally worth it.

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