Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Perfect Rainy Day meal

It's the day after a rough Christmas, it's raining and cold and icky outside, and I found the perfect recipe to perk us both up on this dark and stormy night. Pork chops with stewed with cabbage, apples and beer. The onions sauteeing in the browned chop remains and a tablespoon of dijon beer mustard was enough to make us both salivate, but the addition of the crunchy cabbage and tart fuji apples really brought the whole plate together. Very hot, steamy and filling but not quite so heavy as the meat and potatoes I always crave this time of year.

I'm anxiously awaiting my 5 days off over the new year, the majority of which will be spent trying out some of the scrumptious things I've been reading about on other food blogs about town. Of course I'll share everything...

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